If you own a car, you know what a door ding is. It is that little dent that annoys you every time you see it. It could have been a child in a car parked next to yours that opened their door only to have it hit yours. Maybe it was a rogue shopping cart that blew into your door during a storm. It could have been hail, or maybe even you were doing a little reckless off-roading. No matter how you got the ding, you probably want to get rid of it. It is unsightly, and may even be reducing the value of your investment. Let’s talk about paintless dent repair.

There are several ways to get rid of a door ding.

First and foremost, you will be tempted to remove the ding yourself. There are several videos online that show people doing this will all sorts of different equipment – even including toilet plungers!

These videos may be educative, but there are products that are designed for you to remove door dings on your own without any damage to your vehicle.

The first class of products available are small kits that include suction cups and tools to affix them to your door in order to pop the ding. These kits will come with a fully descriptive set of instructions, and are usually complete with all the parts that you will need to accomplish the tasks. These can be as inexpensive as ten dollars.

The second class of tools that you can purchase are actually similar, but a little more sturdy and intended for multiple uses. These are generally called dent pullers and are a good solution for someone looking to purchase something that they can use again and again, instead of a small disposable kit.

Dent pullers may need additional items to work completely, or may need consultation of on-line videos regarding their use, but they are a good long term investment starting at thirty dollars.

If you are unsure about completing the task yourself, there are a couple options for finding someone to help.

You may consider a Paintless Dent Repair solution.

This solution can start at about eighty dollars and will involve visiting a technician (who may offer drive through service – similar to an oil change). The technician will be trained in the use of professional quality dent pullers, and they will attempt to remove the ding on site. This service is usually complete within thirty minutes. Finally, there are body shops that can repair dents and dings in your door.

This process is the most expensive process. It involves filling the ding or dent, sanding it down, and ultimately repainting the area of your vehicle. Also it can leave you without a car overnight, and is undesirable to some. However, the smallest dings are sometimes the most difficult to repair with other methods, and it could be possible that you may need to consult a body shop. Now that you know the many different ways to pull out a ding or small dent from your vehicle.

Written By: Kosol Ros

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