Paintless Dent Repair.

Dime Size

(Less than 0.75 inch in diameter)
$ 180+

Quarter Size

(A little less than an inch in diameter)
$ 250+

Half Dollar Coin Size

(About an inch and a half in diameter)
$ 350+

Apple Size

(About two inches in diameter)
$ 450+

Football Size

(About two and a half inches to three inches)
$ 550+

Crease and Body Line

(Price varies based on damage)

Please note that this pricing information serves only as a guide. Dings and dents must be evaluated in person by our technician for a final estimate. Additional dings/dents on the same panel can be included at a discounted price. The largest dent is always the starting price. These prices assume dents of average depth and access. They do not include charges for removing and re-installing a roof-liner or front and rear bumper.

For more extensive damage, including auto body paint and more, please contact our highly-rated parent company!


Close-up Photo of Dent
Photo of Dent Showing 2-3 Panels
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